Dahi Bhallay; Recall sweetness of old memories

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childhood Revisited.

dahi bhalla

“Childhood Revisited” actually carried me at my childhood’s dreams which stayed with me after I woke.

Age is a matter of mind; and if you don’t mind, it does not matter and childhood is like being drunk where everyone remembers what you did…….. Except you!! Though my childhood is like basket full of colorful balloons but all these balloons are scattered in a way I may not find exact thread of a balloon. That’s why I am jumping a little ahead of my childhood to recall sweetness of old memories.

It was a local school festival at a park where I was enjoying the event with my cousin cum childhood friend. We were fond of eating dahi bhallay. So, it was to be decided who will go to take dahi bhallay this time (Remember, it does not matter how much time we had eaten dahi bhallay in a single sitting). The thing was one will have to go alone to tackle all plates while passing through crowd of women and children at park. It really needs mettle to face crowd all alone, but one has to go with it. My friend showed a little hesitation, but just upon my insistence she went for all alone and came back with palates of dahi bhallay in her hand.

Later on, it became a matter of pride for me when she disclosed urge of courage and confidence was built up due to that minor event. It really needs a big heart to appreciate others. I was bestowed a friend with big heart. That’s why this experience was one to stick with me.

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Teacher; the Nation’s Builder

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Can Be Taught!.”

reece Philosopher Herclitus once said that one can not put same foot in same stream for second time because by then, either foot or stream are changed. He meant to say that change is crux of life  and one of basic purpose of education is to bring change in thought, behavior and actions. Teacher has honor to become source of change that a student may stand through his/her life.

Learn-friendly environment of class room helps teacher-student relationship to grow in innovative and learning environment. Then a mistake by student turns to “achievement by mistake” process and it builds up confidence.


A student requires her/his work to be appreciated and listened by coach. An equal attention to each student in the class room keeps student and teacher in one tie. Every student in class must be supported with an opportunity to come in front of audience and present their work. A teacher helps the student to overcome insurmountable difficulties that may put him/her into labyrinth of confusion.

A group of students in a classroom. The teacher is working with one student.
A group of students in a classroom. The teacher is working with them

Creativity is essence of learning. Creativity is associated with flow of  ridiculous ideas. When a teacher appreciates student’s creativity then student moves forward to own his/her work with courage. Finally a functional idea comes out of fuss and mess of ideas which is fruit of creativity.

Girl pointing to orange tree mural on wall
Girl pointing to orange tree mural on wall

It is a charismatic teacher who brings different colors of his/her class together to form a vision. The class, a followers group under leadership of teacher set off on a journey which leads towards achievement in vision. Following figure shows how a visionary spectacle reflects sight into different colors.

Two hands holding colored circles in landscape.

This is how a teacher assist his/her student to get involved in learning process and develop creativity, innovation be part of their personality. Hats off to teacher, the Nation’s Builder

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Learning steps are not separable

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teachable Moment.”

It’s quite difficult to make difference among learning stages. However, reading information, knowing about skill from someone else may be helpful for me to have a detail view. But definitely again, its learning depends on my will to learn and chiefly put it to use. For better understanding I would ask and discuss it with others before learning thoroughly.

Once I decide to learn then I try it myself again and again to achieve excellency. Motivation of learning flows through reading and courage pours us through watching someone else doing it. All these steps are complementary to leaning process. So it impossible to describe in a distinguishable manner about from where I use to learn.

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Life is ever energetic with sweet memories

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Familial Feasts.”
Awwwww… recharging old relations is just an awesome experience like recharging batteries makes you tension free and a fresh refreshing mind may focus on other things quite easily.
Well…!!!! it would be my uncle’s daughter with whom I spent my life’s golden span. She was just kind to me when we used to go for Eid shopping.. I must say actually she was more caring for my shopping than myself. After seeing your post her name clicked my mind. she is quite happy and adjusted in her married life with new relations  and blessed with two sons. But, as you know, there is always need to recharge us, keep in touch with sweet memories.

Sweet memories are golden asset of life.
Staying in touch with relation keeps us fresh and alive.
life is thus capable of taking fresh breathe after recharging.

So finally I am going to visit a garden in which colorful  flowers are spreading fragrance of old relations. I need that fragrance once again to keep me alive and ever energetic.
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If you want to find a terrorist, look for people who buy dodgy chemicals, not for people who are offering their prayers

The term radical is largely capacious as it may transform meaning which you want to put into it. Historically it was used in 18th century to extend franchise by English people. Google tells us that today many crops parliamentarian cannot go without it since it has been becoming a word used for politics. If you put word Islam before it then it becomes bogey word.

Radicalization hypothesis suggests a state of frustration with international or national events in which crops of people or group rejects any kind of societal change which they perceive as perilous. Key drivers of radicalization namely extremist theology, common grievance and little know how about jihad are of major concern for riots in a country. This hypothesis points us wrong direction when Muslims are recognized as radicals. Muslim theology originates from Quran, a holy religious book for Muslims as guidance for code of life. But young lad who joins extremist movements is victim of religious rhetoric and hardly covered just one aspect of bits of murder and nothing next to know about Quran . Quran prohibits murdering guileless civilians of any sect. Another source of Muslim theology is Hadith, sayings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in which Holy Prophet stringently condemns slaughtering innocent children, females and old people in combatants’ tribe even when opposing in a battle with antagonists.

Young Muslim lad is motivated to join extremist movements when they perceive their country is under attack by foreigners. It’s just retaliation to western misguided intervention in South Asian region. The people who go off to fight in Afghanistan are not motivated by religious rhetoric of false leading extremism but they believe that NATO forces are invading their Muslim tribe and murdering Muslim brothers.

It is historical fact that western misguided adventure of transforming world into its colonial system has root cause of rebel actions against government. A joint struggle of Hindus and Muslim in 1857 to fight for sake of freedom from foreigner’s invasion in Hindustan poses a surge of extremism and riots in country against English Army which reflects indignation against change in societal norms. Then English Army quelled common grievance among locals by force and then history observed bloodshed in state. It unfolds British brutal political endeavor of Hindustan’s subjection to European colonialism. So, the word radical has its root deeply in politics rather in conservative Islamic terrorism.

The long history of disastrous western intervention in the South Asian Region is part of cause of horror so west has to face its responsibility for terrorism. Eradicating extremism involves cease to interfering other tribes and countries, let live the people according to their norms and values. This would bring peace and hinder young Muslim lads from joining any extremism movement.

In fact if you want to find a terrorist, look for people who buy dodgy chemicals, not for people who are offering their prayers.

An alarming situation: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics endorsed a trend has set to increase unemployment ratio in Pakistan by 2015

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics endorsed calculations of “Global Employment Trend” a report published under International Labor Organization, which is envisaging a trend has set to increase unemployment ratio in Pakistan by 2015. This is an alarming situation especially when country is making progress; a law and order situation better than past few years is increasing investment opportunities resultant increase in job opportunities. Besides it, thousands of candidates are passing out of universities after completion of professional degree and HEC is successfully achieving its aim to bring more youngsters towards higher education. When in competitive exams vacancies are left behind because of low ratio of candidates qualifying for interview. The most probable reason lies with gap between education standards and syllabus of competition’s exams.

Economic development of a country is directly associated with knowledge capital.Education institutions are engine for growth of socio-economic development in a country. Higher Education Commission is providing central support, direction and drivers to the Higher Education Sector promoting consistency in standards. HEC has to face with three key challenges: a. Quality b. Access c. Relevance. Improvement in the quality of academic standards and research comes at top priority of HEC. Considerable efforts have been made in last few years on improvement in quality. Two universities of Pakistan are now ranked among the top technology universities of world as per QS world universities rankings 2010. The number of faculty with PhD degrees have doubled in last five years. Pakistan needs to triple the number of PhD faculty at universities by 2015. When it comes to the soft quality reforms, Quality Enhancement Cells (QEC) are being introduced which ‘own’ quality at universities and report on regular basis to Quality Assurance division at HEC. Second major challenge is that of access. Currently, only 7.8% of 17-23 age groups have access to higher education in Pakistan. In Education Policy 2009 it was projected to increase access to higher education to 10% by 2015. Different campuses and Universities are being established in backward areas which are providing financial assistance to the needy students to improve equitable access. The third most important challenge is that of relevance of education and research to national needs. HEC is aimed to support and expand research relevant to socio-economic needs of the region in the vicinity of university. Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grants are being introduced for this purpose.

Universities are catalyst for the change and revival of creative thought and freedom of speech and of public debate on issues of national importance. Universities are grooming grounds of future leaders of nation.  Top policy making authority has fulfilled its fundamental duties leaving the utmost responsibility of its implementation to universities at individual levels. Some high-ranking universities are being benefited by promoting research oriented initiatives at their own universities but things are still to be resolved by putting attention towards universities working at remote areas. HEC has established Quality Enhancement Cell at individual level in a hope this would bring fruits in near future, this is associated with honest and efficient working of QEC. May these efforts prove to fill drastic gap between education standards and competitive examination standards.