Teacher; the Nation’s Builder

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Can Be Taught!.”

reece Philosopher Herclitus once said that one can not put same foot in same stream for second time because by then, either foot or stream are changed. He meant to say that change is crux of life  and one of basic purpose of education is to bring change in thought, behavior and actions. Teacher has honor to become source of change that a student may stand through his/her life.

Learn-friendly environment of class room helps teacher-student relationship to grow in innovative and learning environment. Then a mistake by student turns to “achievement by mistake” process and it builds up confidence.


A student requires her/his work to be appreciated and listened by coach. An equal attention to each student in the class room keeps student and teacher in one tie. Every student in class must be supported with an opportunity to come in front of audience and present their work. A teacher helps the student to overcome insurmountable difficulties that may put him/her into labyrinth of confusion.

A group of students in a classroom. The teacher is working with one student.
A group of students in a classroom. The teacher is working with them

Creativity is essence of learning. Creativity is associated with flow of  ridiculous ideas. When a teacher appreciates student’s creativity then student moves forward to own his/her work with courage. Finally a functional idea comes out of fuss and mess of ideas which is fruit of creativity.

Girl pointing to orange tree mural on wall
Girl pointing to orange tree mural on wall

It is a charismatic teacher who brings different colors of his/her class together to form a vision. The class, a followers group under leadership of teacher set off on a journey which leads towards achievement in vision. Following figure shows how a visionary spectacle reflects sight into different colors.

Two hands holding colored circles in landscape.

This is how a teacher assist his/her student to get involved in learning process and develop creativity, innovation be part of their personality. Hats off to teacher, the Nation’s Builder

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